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Disept & Zendi // Discovery - New Balance

Joining the long list of Nocid Business Elite is Artem Leveshenko from the Ukraine, better known as Disept. This brilliant producer is quickly making a name for himself, boasting explosive releases on Ammunition, [IM:LTD], Citrus, Black Seeds, and Mindtech to name a few, and the addition of these two tracks of pure, unadulterated nastiness to the Nocid catalog is the subsequent frontier.

‘Discovery’ hinges on a steady beat that gives support to a long decaying bass stab so full of motion you just might for once need that little brown bag in the seat pocket in front of you. Pull the trigger or wait in angst.
On the flip-side, Disept teams up with a known Nocid name - Zendi - in ‘New Balance’; a rigid yet entrancing heater made possible with a pulsating rhythm that should only be described as a malevolent march towards an enshrouded end. Enter at your own risk.
Without shortage of huge tunes like such, it is with full embrace that this incredible talent makes a mark on the industry, and the Nocid Business brand no less.


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