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Network // Get Funky - Da3

Nocid Business Records adds another esteemed musical mastermind to the register with the Australian team known as Network Music. Hot off of a huge compilation feature on Forbidden Society it’s obvious Network hasn’t lost any momentum, and when you hear these two tracks of a transformational calibre you will truly sense the potency of these powerful producers.

'Da3' sparks the riot by concocting an apogee of potential energy and unleashing it all in a pounding powerhouse that drives right into the soul of any rough ridding ruffian ready to rage. Topped off with a distorted and disorienting bridge that will send you spinning, this diabolical track is the beast that will break your neck!

Big humanoid beats blast from the speaker cones, sourced from one serious wave of nasty Neurofunk that simply can’t get any madder. When this one drops there is only one thing left to do: 'Get Funky' !


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