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Symplex // New Kind - Faint

Nocid Business Records has set its sights on the up-and-comer from Czech Republic known as Symplex - a true mastermind when it comes to pushing the boundaries, and this mesmerizing EP exemplifies his capability to accomplish exactly that.

‘New Kind’ is on another level of mayhem and shows the power and potential of this intriguing EP. With its dark demented pads, glitched-out fills, and throbbing bass lines, there is no doubt that this is the leading edge.

'Faint’ is equally as mental and no less precise, taking on a totally different feel from the A-side while remaining equally as dynamic. It's cascading melodies and warm timbres create an awe inspiring flow of energy and rhythm that is rivaled by few.

Combine crisp, clean compositions, with captivating creativity and you have this very EP right before you. This is the world of Nocid Business, and Symplex is your guide.


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